The Narcotics Cooperative

Megacorp logo The Narcotics Cooperative

Name The Narcotics Cooperative
Tagline "Community run, socially conscious, 100% organic, guaranteed to blow your mind."
Cyber URL cyb://narcoop.corp/
Logo A lampoon of the Coop logo and colours, with a tree sprouting pills instead of leaves.

The Narcotics Cooperative Edit

A megacorporation specialising in the production of drugs, with a hippie-ish organic and community-run vibe.

Allies Edit

This megacorp feels warmly towards the following corporations:

Enemies Edit

This megacorp has a competitive relationship with the following corporations:

Required technologies Edit

This megacorp won't become a client for your advertising until you've unlocked the following technologies:

Known technologies Edit

This megacorp knows the following technologies, which the player can unlock by getting a sufficiently high reputation with the megacorp, or by way of a hostile takeover:

  • none

Gallery Edit

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