The apex of the flyer technology chain, these somewhat weaponised flyers have the greatest range and number.

You can learn this technology from Desperate Designers who make all of the flyer technology line. There is no megacorp that requires you to have this technology - probably because of the safety aspects of it.

Name: Missile Deployed Flyers

Description: Countless flyers, delivered at high speed with minimal civilian casualties.

Detailed description: We are required by law to inform you not to use these in populated areas, unless of course you want to inform everyone of that great deal on 4D pizza!

Space: Meatspace

Reputation required to unlock: +5

Cost per unit to deploy: 1.45XDG

Pay per view: 0.9XDG

Range: 60m

Chance of being seen per tick: 0.005

Maximum number of views: 1

Lifetime: 30 ticks

Units deployed at a time: 100

Reputation effect per view: +0.000002

Cooldown: 1000 ticks

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